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Intro For Scapegoat News Article...

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Jehovah's Witnesses this month will be distributing the October 1st, 2011 issue of the Watchtower magazine in your neighborhood, on the Island of Jamaica. Sooooo ... have you personally read this particular issue of the Watchtower magazine yet? Interestingly in it, the following specific criticism is made about other church organizations besides Jehovah's Witnesses, on page 9, paragraph 2:

"...Some churches discourage the idea of comparing their teachings with what the Bible says..."


One could wonder at this point, aren't Jehovah's Witnesses themselves NOTORIOUS for doing the very same thing? For example, if a Jehovah's Witness, using the bible, begins to question certain "pet" teachings or "hidden" practices of their religion (such as 1914 doctrine, 607 b.c.e. date for Jerusalem's destruction, United Nations NGO 10-year Secret Involvement, etc.), aren't such ones ultimately "marked," shunned, and even disfellowshiped under the charge of being an APOSTATE ... isn't this so??? -- For more information on these topics, see the book called The Report Volume I, chapters 6 & 7.

Further, upon examination you will note this particular article even tells churchgoers of other religions:

"...You could also hold back from scrutinizing your beliefs out of fear that doing so would display a lack of faith. But does it make sense that God would be displeased with you for looking into the Bible, his message to mankind, to understand what he asks of you? On the contrary, his Word encourages you to examine the Scriptures personally, saying: "Prove to yourselves the good and acceptable and perfect will of God."-Romans 12:2." -- See the October 1st, 2011 Watchtower magazine page 9, paragraph 3.

After reading the above, this writer wonders if Jehovah's Witnesses themselves, are willing to do the same for their own religious beliefs... Hmmmmmmmmm. What do you think? Well, let's see. Please examine the following information below.

A Serious Question For All Jehovah's Witnesses Earth Wide To Ponder, Addressed In This Essay:

If you are a bible study of Jehovah’s Witnesses or planning on getting baptized by them, or a workmate, schoolmate, neighbor, friend, relative or just a person of interest, why not ask any ... any Jehovah's Witness the following,

Why does the New World Translation say the second goat [or "live goat"] of Leviticus 16:10 isATONED FOR,” especially when Jehovah's Witnesses teach it is suppose to picture Jesus Christ, a sinless man? Can they explain this to you??? -- See Insight On The Scriptures Volume 1, page 226, paragraph 3.

Additionally, A Serious Question For All Bible Students Of All Religions World Wide To Ponder, Addressed In This Essay:

Why in Leviticus 14:6, 51, is the “living bird” DIPPED IN THE BLOOD of the first [killed] bird, and what lesson do we think God has been trying to teach us with this illustration / procedure for over 3,600 years? -- See Leviticus 14:6, 51.

For more detail information on this topic, please see article entitled: Two (2) Birds, Two (2) Goats, Two (2) Lambs, ... Can You Count To Two (2)???

***Let's All Pray For The Miraculous Peace, Growth & Spiritual Prosperity Of Jamaica! -- See Isaiah 44:3-5.***
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