Message for the Day -- Romans 10:17-21

This section presents special bible messages of hope from the YORWW Congregation for our spiritual uplifting, edification and encouragement. Enjoy!

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Message for the Day -- Romans 10:17-21

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(Romans 10:17-21) So faith follows the thing heard. In turn the thing heard is through the word about Christ. Nevertheless I ask, They did not fail to hear, did they? Why, in fact, “into all the earth their sound went out, and to the extremities of the inhabited earth their utterances.” Nevertheless I ask, Israel did not fail to know, did they? First Moses says: “I will incite YOU people to jealousy through that which is not a nation; I will incite YOU to violent anger through a stupid nation.” But Isaiah becomes very bold and says: “I was found by those who were not seeking me; I became manifest to those who were not asking for me.” But as respects Israel he says: “All day long I have spread out my hands toward a people that is disobedient and talks back.”

Comments from the YORWW Congregation: As shown above, the Godly quality of faith comes from hearing the “word,” the Word of God. Yes, “faith follows the thing heard,” which is God’s Word. Therefore it is our unique response to that Most Holy Word itself, that determines and demonstrates the final outcome and degree of righteousness of our faith & conduct before God. Yes, how our “conduct turns out” before God and men, actually determines whether our faith was genuine or not, and worthy of “imitation” as obedient servants of Jehovah. (Hebrews 13:7)

As shown above in the featured bible text, the nation of Israel had full opportunity to hear and understand God's Sacred Message to them. But Paul showed, they did not respond but were instead “disobedient” and they even “talked back” to Jehovah. (Isaiah 65:1, 2) Therefore, God would now act to replace the wicked nation of Israel by amazingly turning to UNTAUGHT [unlearned] individuals OUTSIDE the nation of Israel, people who formerly did not understand God’s Will prior to this, and accept them as His Name people so that they could ultimately “fill his house with glory,” producing righteous “fruit” before Him. This, thus becomes the “sacred secret” of God, that is to be repeated as a “paradigm” or pattern in our day upon the wicked nation of Jehovah's witnesses worldwide. (Deut. 32:21; Haggai 2:7; Matt. 21:43; Romans 11:25)

Yes, Jehovah would again appropriately act to “call” certain individuals from OUTSIDE modern day Israel, who would become a “people for His Name,” honorary spiritual Israelites, to obediently give Him the “fruit” (works of faith as righteous conduct) that He always finds pleasing. -- Isaiah 44:2-5; Acts 15:14, 17; Acts 28:28; John 15:1, 2; Hebrews 11:6

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