Jehovah Becomes The Great "Revealer Of Secrets" - Daniel 2:28, 47

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Jehovah Becomes The Great "Revealer Of Secrets" - Daniel 2:28, 47

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(See full-color blog that covers this topic in detail at this link: )

(Following article abbreviated)

. . . Therefore the prophetic statement at Genesis 3:15 then, because this simple statement has been greatly misunderstood in the past, and yet it has so much meaning, much "hidden" meaning even for all mankind today, hence mankind has completely, totally misunderstood the bible itself, its entire message, yes God's Sacred message for our day. Nevertheless, this original mysterious statement of God, thus becomes God's Great "Sacred Secret", which possesses such "hidden" meaning within itself, that so very few of us can meaningfully and intelligently contemplate or reflect upon at present, as we speak. What’s more, the bible tells us that Jehovah Himself, actually wanted it to be that way, since He Himself, actually hid the true meaning of this Great Sacred Secret...WITHIN HIMSELF...yes, it was "hidden in God" to prove that He is "Wise Alone." -- See Ephesians 3:9; Romans 16:25-27.

Of course, this explains why the Holy Scriptures repeatedly refer to God's Great Sacred Secret as being the "Hidden Wisdom of God," or the "Sacred Secret that was hidden," by God. (1 Corinthians 2:7; Colossians 1:26) And God's Own Word, makes clear to us that this Great Sacred Secret of His, would only be fully understood, only, only during the "time of the end," when His Grand Prophetic Word would finally become "unsealed" at God's Permission. (Isaiah 11:9; Daniel 12:4; Revelation 5:1) It will be during this special time of God's choosing when the magnificent "parables" of Jesus and yes the cryptic, highly symbolic book of Revelation will be understood...when the Great Mystery [Greek: mysterion] of God or "Sacred Secret" of God will be completely "BROUGHT TO A FINISH" by Jehovah's Own Mighty Hand. -- Revelation 10:7.

All of this means of course, when this Grand Sacred Secret of Jehovah would thus, finally be revealed by Almighty God, yes it would automatically become a message that would be totally UNHEARD of at that time. Yes, it would become a "revealed" message that would greatly BAFFLE all mankind itself, yes "STARTLE" them even as bible prophecy indicates, yes when they would first hear it because they have never heard anything like this before. -- Please see John 14:17; Isaiah 52:15.

Ohhhhh yes...

Indeed, the prophet Isaiah describes the Sacred Secret of Jehovah when finally "revealed" to His People, this way by saying:

"You have heard. Behold it all. As for you people, will you not tell it? I have made you hear NEW THINGS from the present time, even THINGS KEPT IN RESERVE [New World Translation fnt "kept under safeguard"], that you have not known." -- Isaiah 48:6

This verse agrees perfectly with Revelation 5:1 which says:

"And I saw in the right hand of the One seated upon the throne a scroll written within and on the reverse side SEALED TIGHT WITH SEVEN SEALS."

This verse shows Jehovah God has held His Sacred Secret tight within His Own Hand, as with "seven seals" upon a "scroll" He holds in His Almighty grip, so that no one, no human (besides Jesus of course) could possibly figure out His Great "Sacred Secret" and what it meant for mankind before time. Amazing! Yes, Jehovah has kept His Sacred Secret "in reserve" and literally "safeguarded" it, that is the real truth about Genesis 3:15 and what it was to mean for mankind during the "time of the end." This is why no one upon earth has been able to figure out the Great "Sacred Secret" of God over thousands of years, before the appropriate time...during our day, when the book of Revelation was to be fulfilled in the "last days," of this wicked system of things.

Again, the prophet Isaiah explains God's purpose and unexpected action to reveal His Sacred Secret to His Name People during our time by saying,

"I will make the blind ones [God's Name People, Israel] walk in a way that THEY HAVE NOT KNOWN; in a roadway that THEY HAVE NOT KNOWN I shall cause them to tread. I shall turn a DARK PLACE before them into light, and rugged terrain into level land. These are the things that I will do for them, and I will not leave them." -- Isaiah 42:16

Yes as the prophecy clearly says above, when God's Great Sacred Secret is finally revealed to His People, yes it will prove to be a "way that they have not known," and "a roadway that they have not known" at all. When Jehovah reveals his Great Sacred Secret for His Name People, it will be like being in a place where great "darkness" prevailed...only to give way to Great "light" from God's Wondrous Presence before them. This is the way God will reveal His Great Sacred Secret to His Name People, Israel...modern day Jehovah's witnesses themselves. In this way, Jehovah will truly become, the True "Revealer of Secrets." -- Zechariah 14:6, 7; Daniel 2:28; Daniel 2:47

The prophet Jeremiah also paid homage to God's Great ability to "hide" His Grand "Confidential Matters" (Amos 3:7) from His people, till the appropriate time by saying:

"Call to me, and I shall answer you and readily tell you GREAT AND INCOMPREHENSIBLE THINGS THAT YOU HAVE NOT KNOWN." -- Jeremiah 33:3

Yes, the Great Message of God Almighty, could be considered previously before His Grand Revealing Act ...

"...Great and Incomprehensible things that you have not known."

Truly, seemingly "incomprehensible things," yes "UNKNOWN things" about God's Grand Purpose, Jehovah the last days. So much so that the prophet says:

"...Here I am bringing up for her a recuperation and health; and I will heal them and REVEAL TO THEM AN ABUNDANCE OF PEACE AND TRUTH." -- Jeremiah 33:6

Yes, in the last days, Jehovah will Himself reveal ... AN ABUNDANCE OF TRUTH...during the "time of the end." And if Jehovah is going to "reveal an abundance of truth," in the last days, then how can Israel, God's Name People actually think that they already possess Divine Truth...yes, an "abundance of truth," before, yes before God reveals it to His People? That would not be possible, would it? ...

Think about it.

Thus when Jehovah finally removes all "cognitive dissonance" concerning Genesis 3:15 from His Own Name People, and finally reveals His Grand Sacred Secret for all to see, believe and understand...then the Great Figurative "Mountain" of “cognitive dissonance” [Genesis 3:15] will be gone forever. Yes, at that time Jehovah God Himself will have removed, yes will have "split" even, that great "mountain" that prevents currently disoriented Future Kingdom Government members (better known as the "Male Child") from understanding the "abundant truths" that lie ahead. (Isaiah 66:5-9; Revelation 12:5) Indeed, Jehovah will at that time have removed that overwhelming "mountain" that obscures clear-sighted vision, that blocks true biblical understanding itself. Thus, when that major "mountain" of "cognitive dissonance," (foretold figuratively in bible prophecy as the "Mount of Olives" which in ancient times prevented easy escape from the ancient city of "Jerusalem,") yes when that mountain itself will be removed by God's Own Hand, and God's Name People can finally understand Jehovah's Glorious Treasures in Truth completely, then the "Truth" will surely "set them free," finally at that time. (John 8:32) Yes, it will become just as the prophet Zechariah foretold by saying,

"And His [Jehovah's] feet will actually stand in that day upon the mountain of the olive trees, which is in front of Jerusalem, on the east; and the mountain of the olives trees MUST BE SPLIT AT THE MIDDLE, from the sun rising and to the west. There will be a very great valley; and half of the mountain will actually be moved to the north, and half of it to the south. And YOU PEOPLE WILL CERTAINLY FLEE to the valley of my mountains; because the valley of the mountains will reach all the way to Azel. And you will have to flee, just as you fled because of the earthquake in the days of Uzziah the king of Judah. And Jehovah my God will certainly come, all the holy ones being with him." -- Zechariah 14:4, 5

Indeed, as you have noticed above, it is Jehovah Himself that will effect Grand Deliverance for His People. Yes, it will be only during "Jehovah's Great Day," that God Almighty Himself will effect Grand Salvation for His Own Name People! Indeed, it will be Jehovah, the Great Revealer of Secrets Himself, during "His Great Day" of revealing His "confidential matters," His Sacred Secrets, that will actually split the Great "Mountain" of Cognitive Dissonance itself, and fully unveil his Glorious Acts toward His People, His "Hidden" Purposes toward them which makes true escape finally possible from wicked "Jerusalem" of our times, the apostate organization of Jehovah's Witnesses led by the infidel-Watchtower Society & Governing Body. -- Zephaniah 1:7-10; Zechariah 14:1; Amos 3:7

And what a glorious day that will be!

Praise Jah!


***Let's All Pray For The Miraculous Peace, Growth & Spiritual Prosperity Of Jamaica! -- See Isaiah 44:3-5.***
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