Who Deserves To Be Wearing The "Dunce Cap" Now???

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Who Deserves To Be Wearing The "Dunce Cap" Now???

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Who Deserves To Be Wearing The "Dunce Cap" Now???

We all have a bible, to study. (Deut. 30:11-14) There is no Jehovah's Witness world wide that cannot claim to have one.

So, if God's Word provides the facts and becomes our "textbook" to study as a qualified, factual reference material as all Jehovah's Witnesses say, then can anyone [like the Watchtower Adherents of today] truthfully claim to be "tricked," "hoodwicked," "bamboozled," etc., etc. by the Watchtower Society with the Bible sitting right in their laps? Can over seven (7) million Watchtower Adherents the world over, righteously claim this, nowadays?

Especially since all christians were told to become "Beroeans" anyway, carefully searching the Word for verification of what's being taught to them. (Acts 17:11) Jesus told us to "keep on knocking, keep seeking." He said God's Word "is truth" and we should be "sanctified" by it. (Matt. 7:7; John 17:17) The book of Proverbs told us to "search" for truth, and that we would find "the knowledge of God." (Proverbs 2:3-5) Paul said to "rightly divide" the word of truth, and "make sure of all things." (2 Tim. 2:15 KJV; 1 Thess. 5:21) And John said to "test the inspired expression" to see if it is really from God. (1 John 4:1) Proverbs adds to "buy truth, and do not sell it." (Proverbs 23:23)

The book of Ezekiel tells us, the false prophet and his "inquirers," all receive and DESERVE the exact same punishment. (Ezekiel 14:9, 10)

Jesus said, if the "blind, follow the blind" they both fall "into the pit"... together. (Matthew 15:14)

So if someone tells you, Jesus meant an "overlapping" generation at Matt. 24:34, where two groups of individuals were involved, after teaching for innumerable years it was really only one (1) generation of people involved, you would have to be a complete "idiot" to tolerate and what's worse follow, advocate and recommend this "garbage" to others.

And then, these same teachers right after that, tell you that they (and only them) are to be regarded as the "Faithful & Discreet Slave," and you swallow that too ... well, who should be wearing the "dunce cap" now, I ask?

And yet we find these events have occurred, and these people [JWs] continue to go from house-to-house, condemning everyone they meet, because they say these "church" people are not true "Beroeans," like us Jehovah's Witnesses ... well, who should be wearing the "dunce cap" now?

See link to latest article on "overlapping" generation, paragraphs 14-16, at: http://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/2014047

The proverbial "Dunce Cap" is described below as being:

Link (See picture of kid wearing it at this link): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunce_cap

A dunce cap, also variously known as a dunce hat, dunce's cap, or dunce's hat, is a pointed hat, formerly used as an article ofdiscipline in schools. In popular culture, it is typically made of paper and often marked with a D or the word "dunce", and given toschoolchildren to wear as punishment by public humiliation for misbehavior and, as the name implies, stupidity. Frequently the 'dunce' was made to stand in the corner, facing the wall as a result of some bad behavior (see time out for a similar method without the humiliation aspect). Depending on the teacher, they might have to stand for as long as half an hour. Examples of behavior which could warrant the dunce cap included throwing spitballs, passing notes, or pulling of hair. Class clowns were frequently admonished with the dunce cap.

Although seemingly (and possibly initially) intended to punish the student with the lowest academic performance in the class (the "dunce"), such a use could hardly have been very successful, as pure punishment is incapable of increasing intelligence. It is likely it was used far more successfully to rein in rebellious or disrespectful students and unite the class against misbehavior by making an example of the offender and forcing them to endure the collective scorn of their classmates for a set period of time. Since no one wanted to be labeled the "dunce" in the class social hierarchy, even for only a short period of time, it served as an effective deterrent to acting out.

In modern pedagogy dunce caps are extremely rare, as most current educational systems consider behavior modification via public humiliation to be both politically incorrect and potentially psychologically traumatizing for schoolchildren, instead advocating systems of "praise in public, punish in private." In some districts, singling out a child for humiliation with the dunce cap (or similar methods) may even be considered criminal harassment or child abuse, exposing the teacher to termination of employment, lawsuits, or prosecution.

A very similar practice on the European continent was a paper headdress known as donkey's ears, as a symbol of 'asinine' stupidity.

end of quote.
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Re: Who Deserves To Be Wearing The "Dunce Cap" Now???

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Funny title for topic! :D
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