Being A "Sheep" Or "Sheeple" -- What Is The Difference???

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Being A "Sheep" Or "Sheeple" -- What Is The Difference???

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Being A "Sheep" Or "Sheeple" -- What Is The Difference???

We remember Jesus often referred to his followers as being "sheep" and how they as "sheep" would always be blessed by their Heavenly Father. So, to all christians, to be considered a "sheep" was really a good thing. Most religious people think of the term that way. They want to be considered among the "sheep" before God, upon this earth. (John 10:3, 4; 10:14; 10:27; 21:17)

However, there may be a major distinction to be made, that most Jehovah's Witnesses particularly, are not aware of and maybe are overlooking, that could be very dangerous, in the long run. Namely, is there a meaningful difference between being a Beroean "sheep" (Acts 17:11) for Jehovah & Jesus, and being an abhorrent, disgusting "sheeple" in God's eyes?

Is there a difference?


Let's notice the following that possibly could shed some light on the situation:

(The following information taken from this link: )

Sheeple (a portmanteau of "sheep" and "people") is a term in which people are likened to sheep, a herd animal. The term is used to describe those who voluntarily acquiesce to a suggestion without critical analysis or research. They undermine their own individuality and may willingly give up their rights.

The label originated in the United States, and designates people who tend to accept and take statements at face value, especially if it is cited in mainstream media or religion. There is documented print usage of this word as early as 1950, in the form, "We, the Sheeple", in the Emory University Quarterly, v.6-7 1950-1951, page 64.[1] "The Wall Street Journal first reported the label in print in 1984; the reporter heard the word used by the proprietor of an American Opinion bookstore affiliated with the John Birch Society.[2] In this usage, taxpayers were derided for their blind conformity as opposed to those who thought independently.[3] Shortwave radio host Milton William Cooper used the term commonly during his Hour of the Time radio show during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The label had been used by authors of fiction: as a title for Canada's ex-MP Garth Turner's 2009 book, also in numerous other works.[citation needed]

The term is also used more broadly to describe any person who the speaker feels is exceedingly conformist.

The term is also used for those who are deemed inordinately tolerant, or welcoming, of government intrusion and regulation. In a column entitled "A Nation of Sheeple," columnist Walter E. Williams writes, "Americans sheepishly accepted all sorts of Transportation Security Administration nonsense. In the name of security, we've allowed fingernail clippers, eyeglass screwdrivers and toy soldiers to be taken from us prior to boarding a plane."[4]

End of article.

Conclusion: This word "sheeple" I never heard it explained or discussed among Jehovah's Witnesses, in meetings or in private conversations, in many years of association with them. The dangers of becoming such, was never discussed when I was around them. But, I think "christians" really need to know the difference in the meaning of these two words.

I believe, the Watchtower Society deliberately tries to take sincere "sheep," and over a period of time, turn them into disgusting "sheeple" that worship the JW Organization.

Jeremiah 33:16 {NWT} ...And this is what she will be called, Jehovah Is Our Righteousness.
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