Message For The Day -- Acts 28:28

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Message For The Day -- Acts 28:28

Post by Mary » Mon Feb 06, 2006 4:37 am

Comments from the YORWW Congregation: Let us first understand one important fact: Jehovah can send out any “means” He wishes to “save” His Name People, just so long as that person or “means,” speaks Godly Truth or “Living Waters” of Divine Truth. Let’s first understand that fact. Of course, in the first century, this special “means” by which Jehovah would “save” His Name People, actually proved to be none other than Jesus Christ himself. However, in our day, that special “means” by which Jehovah will “save” Israel, will prove to be the Modern Day “Servant.” (Isaiah 49:1-7) Yes, this particular individual who claims to be God's “Scapegoat,” that one, will prove to be the special “means by which God saves” His Own Name People, as shown in the bible text above. – Leviticus 16:8, 10, 20 Septuagint version; Jeremiah 23:5, 6

Even though the vast majority of Jehovah's witnesses we know, will simply NOT LISTEN to the voice of truth, the voice of the Modern Day Servant, as he speaks to them through the YORWW Arrangement, still we know, there will be 200 Million individuals of faith, that will most certainly LISTEN, to this special messenger of truth from Jehovah. (Isaiah 5:26-30; Joel 2:2-11; Revelation 9:16-19) But, we must ask: How could such a thing actually happen?

Well, what most people (including Jehovah's witnesses) are not aware of relative to building a disciple is that the most fundamental, Basic Building Block of a Servant of Jehovah is the quality of “Faith.” In other words, “…all things can be to one if one has faith,” Jesus once said. (Mark 9:23) This being the case, then if a person has the all-important quality of “faith” then, all other Godly qualities needed in the individual can be built within the person over a period of time, just so long as the disciple…has FAITH. He must have faith. And this fact becomes particularly relevant, when we consider the unusual actions of Jehovah God Himself, fully authorizing His Sacred Message, to go to untaught persons OUTSIDE the confines of the Jewish Nation. (Matthew 22:8-10) Yes, Jehovah authorized His Sacred Message of Truth, “Living Waters” as it were, to go to untaught “Gentiles,” yes, untaught people of the “nations.” (Deut. 32:21) Yes, Jehovah could do this because He knew these untaught ones, people of the “nations” had one thing. Yes, they had the all-important quality of faith. Jehovah knew these ones would respond immediately to the calling of God, and would work hard, very hard to fully qualify to become footstep followers of Jesus by making major changes in their lives, yes even dedicate their lives fully to Jehovah to become “priests” for him, forevermore. Case in point, we have the fine example of the Roman Army Officer Cornelius, who did just this. (Acts 10th chapter) And again, Jehovah would know they would listen and fully comply with His Will, because, they had the all-important quality of F…A…I…T…H. Indeed God’s Word tells us, it is actually “impossible to please Him well,” yes, without this vital quality of “faith.” Think about it. – Hebrews 11:6

Therefore we can see, as in the case of the 200 Million Army of Faith, if a person has this special quality, this will cause the person to give extraordinary attention to God’s Sacred Message. (Romans 10:17) And they will do this too, because they really believe these words actually…come from God. Yes, they believe this, they are convinced of this fact. And if a person actually believes the message is thus, a SACRED MESSAGE from God, then a person of faith, will be motivated to do all that is necessary to COMPLY with that same message. Yes, they will “listen” to that fine, inspired message. (Matthew 7:24, 25) Therefore, as shown above in our bible text, God’s Word says of such like ones…. “they will LISTEN.” Yes, these formerly untaught individuals of faith, will do something that wicked, unfaithful Israel, God’s Name People will not do…yes they will “LISTEN” to God, and give Him the desirable “fruit” that He so richly deserves. (Matthew 21:43) And so, in this way, the new disciple, of the 200 Million Army of Faith, will undoubted begin to “exercise faith” or show “works” of faith even, and will LISTEN INTENTLY to this Godly Message, as Paul shows above. (James 2:26) In other words, it seems to the the 200 Million individuals of faith, that God is actually talking specifically and solely to them! What a marvelous means of communication Jehovah has devised for the “hearing ear” of all those who love “truth.” Indeed, when these formerly untaught ones actually hear “truth,” it has a special “ring” to it. Jesus once stated: “...Everyone ON THE SIDE OF THE TRUTH listens to my voice.” (John 18:37) Therefore, all those “on the side of truth,” all those who love Divine Truth, and really appreciate “Living Waters” of Truth...yes, since they always stick to the truth, and never ever “sell” the truth for any reason. Yes, these ones “buy truth,” and never “sell truth” no matter what. This is because, they are indeed, true persons of faith....genuine faith, all to the glory of their Heavenly Father Jehovah. Praise Jah! -- Proverbs 23:23

Therefore, we must come to realize one important fact...yes, it becomes exactly as Jesus said when he promised: “You will KNOW THE TRUTH, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32) That’s right…all lovers of truth, will KNOW THE TRUTH…they know it when they hear it. In this way, these ones show they are true “sheep” who always recognize the “voice” of Jesus, the “fine shepherd.” Yes, they know the “voice” of Jesus, which is always, yes the VOICE OF TRUTH, is it not? (John 10:27) Therefore, it would be completely impossible for a true “sheep” to somehow get mixed up or confused, as it were, concerning God’s Sacred Message of truth, God’s “Living Waters” of Truth, and somehow let it pass him by. No, this is not possible at all. You see, if a person, a taught person (like a Jehovah's witness) and long-time servant of Jehovah, is for any reason presented with God's Divine Message of Truth, and they DO NOT LISTEN to that same Divine Inspired Message...God’s Sacred Message, then we are forced to say...yes, such a person is simply NOT A “SHEEP,” as Jesus plainly said. Think about it. -- See John 8:47 & John 10:26.

Therefore, we can clearly see this one vital fact: Those of the 200 Million Army of Faith, are actually better, yes better than those among Jehovah's witnesses, God's Name People, those trained for over 70 years by the Gracious Hand of Jehovah God Himself from 1931 thru 2001. Yes the 200 Million Army of Faith, are better than Jehovah's witnesses we can say, since these ones show TRUE FAITH in God’s Message and they unhesitatingly act upon it, just as Paul points out in the above bible text. (Hebrews 4:2) Yes these ones are willing to make an unreserved dedication to God, and prove themselves true “sheep” of Jehovah, -- yes because…they always, always are willing to LISTEN to the “voice” of Jehovah, yes the “voice” of Jesus even, yes the “voice” of Truth. Oh yes, they “Listen” and they willingly “obey,” like Abraham, the “father of all those having faith.” (Genesis 22:18; Romans 4:11) Think about it.

***This article was contributed by YORWW Bible Academy found at the website.***
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