Basic Truth #1 - God's Name Important In Worship

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Basic Truth #1 - God's Name Important In Worship

Post by Mary » Sat Nov 10, 2007 8:07 pm


Basic Truth #1

Use of God's Personal Name important in rendering acceptable worship to Him

Key verses considered in this article are:

Numbers 6:27; Deut. 28:10; 2 Chronicles 7:14; Psalms 68:4; Psalms 83:18; Isaiah 12:2; Isaiah 26:4; Daniel 9:19; Matthew 6:9; John 17:6, 26; Acts 15:14, 17; Romans 2:21-24; 1 Timothy 6:1; Hebrews 6:10; Hebrews 13:15; Revelation 19:1-6

How important is God’s personal Name?

This is a very good question, wouldn't you agree?

But before you answer this question, ask yourself:

How important is your name to you?

Well, I'm sure most people would say their personal name is quite important to themselves, right? Yes, because your personal name actually identifies you as a person, as an individual, and who you are to this world, does it not?

Likewise, we would have to say the Creator of the Universe has given himself a Personal Name, and no doubt it is yes, very, very important to Him also.

Therefore, it logically follows, it would be imperative for all true worshippers of God to also recognize that Great Name, hold it in high esteem at all times, wouldn't you agree? In fact, like first century christians, modern-day worshippers of God should always want their personal conduct to reflect well upon that Great Name, and never bring reproach upon it from nonworshippers, because of our callous bad conduct and ways. -- See Romans 2:21-24; 1 Timothy 6:1.

Actually, we find when we examine the bible, God's Word, this Divine Name was so important that God gave Jesus the holy work of making His Name known while he was on the earth. -- Matthew 6:9; John 17:6, 26

(To get detail information on the use of God's Personal name and its connection to true worship, please see article entitled: The Beginning Of True Worship)

Since Jehovah formed the nation of Israel many years ago, He has used His Great Name to identify His People, making them His Name People in fact, thus becoming a people who actually belong to Him. How do we know this, you may ask? Well, upon examination we find, all throughout the Bible, this is how God’s people have been identified in times past. Maybe you recall seeing the phrases in the bible, “called by my Name,” or “my Name is upon you,” or God's people shall "carry His Name upon themselves." If you have already observed this, then you can easily understand how the nation of Israel itself, as well as first century christians, actually became "a people for His Name." -- See Numbers 6:27; Deut. 28:10; 2 Chronicles 7:14; Daniel 9:19; Acts 15:14, 17

Still would it surprise you to find out that some Bible translations of our modern times, have actually taken this Great Name out of it and inserted the word "LORD" or "GOD" in place of God’s personal Name? Yes, this has been done numerous times, actually to make the bible more commercial, since so many people dislike seeing God's Name within the bible. Sad, isn't it.

Additionally, some short-sighted bible translators have felt that since no one today knows the correct hebrew pronunciation or spelling of this important Name, that it would be better to exclude it all together. Is that the way you feel about this most important matter? We hope you do not.

Still we find upon examination, God’s Sacred Name has systematically been excluded from the Sacred Text approximately 6,828 times in the Hebrew Text (aka Old Testament) alone in most bible translations. That is almost 7,000 times, can you believe it?! You can usually find this information in the “preface” of most bibles when it speaks of the use of God's Name.

Just a few thoughts:

  • How do you think Almighty God feels about His Name being excluded from His own book, the Bible?
  • How would you feel if every single mention of your personal name (like on birth certificates, drivers license, marriage licenses deeds to real estate and home, telephone book, etc.) was suddenly erased, completely WITHOUT your permission...How would you feel?
  • If the above happened to you, wouldn't you feel someone was trying to completely ERASE YOU OUT OF EXISTENCE?

Yes, that conclusion would be a very appropos and reasonable viewpoint on your part. Also, if that happened to you, no doubt this would require IMMEDIATE ACTION on your part, to remedy this appalling situation. Isn't that true?

Well, that is the same exact way, Jehovah God feels about the above situation, also. Yes, God feels this also. Think about it.

Actually, we can quickly see after we reflect upon this alarming situation, something is very, very wrong here, when individuals wickedly exclude God's Personal Name from the bible itself, as is the case in most modern bible translations. No doubt, you would have to consider this, yes, a great TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE!

As mentioned above, this Divine Name originally was translated in Hebrew as four (4) hebrew letters namely, YHWH, which is called by bible scholars the "Tetragrammaton." (In ancient times, the reader of the sacred text would simply supply the vowel sounds to make an acceptable pronunciation of the Sacred Name, since ancient Hebrew was written down without vowels.) However, the more popular English translation for God’s own personal Name since the 12th century up till this time, has been “Jehovah.” Also, in several places in the Bible, the shortened form of the Name "Jehovah" is used which when translated would be "Yah" or “Jah.” -- Psalms 68:4; Isaiah 12:2; Isaiah 26:4

For example, perhaps you are familiar with the expression, “Hallelujah.” Well, this expression literally means, “praise” [Halle-lu] “Jehovah” [Jah]. You will find this biblical expression found liberally in the book of Revelation, proving once again, God's Name plays a very prominent role in the Greek Text or New Testament, contrary to popular belief. -- 1 Timothy 6:1; Hebrews 6:10; Revelation 19:1-6

Then it is also interesting to note many bible names also contain within it, the actual shortened form of God's Great Name. For example, the very familiar bible name "Elijah," actually means "My God Is JAH" or "My God Is Jehovah."

Indeed, God's Personal Name is its many varied forms when restored to the sacred text, appears actually over 7,000 times within God's Holy Word. Which means God's name appears more times than ALL OTHER PERSONAL NAMES FOUND IN THE BIBLE COMBINED...that's combined...did you know this? Indeed...this is simply an amazing fact, wouldn't you say?

Therefore, after considering the above about the unparalleled prominence the Bible itself gives God's Name, we would have to say, God's Personal Name would have to be considered very important to Him first of all, and also considered quite important within any worship He accepts today from mankind. Wouldn't you agree with that conclusion?

We certainly hope so.

Praise Jah!

*For more information on this ‘basic’ bible truth see book called, “The REPORT” in Chapter 1.

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